Get In, We’re Going Shopping! Get In, We’re Going Shopping!


Complimentary Shuttle

Call for reservation 405-787-3700
Available 10a-7p Monday- Saturday.
*Please schedule 48-hours in advance

Once you've arrived in Oklahoma City safely, there are several transportation methods available when traveling to the shopping center. Many hotels offer a shuttle service to and from The Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City. We also have our own shopping shuttle that will come pick you up at your hotel as well. Call us today to reserve the shopping shuttle for your next adventure.

The Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City Shuttle is licensed only to operate in the State of Oklahoma. All Shuttle stops must be located within a business district with street or parking accessibility. The shuttle is reserved on a first come first serve basis. The Outlet Shoppes of Oklahoma City reserves the right to deny service based on availability, location and operating hours.